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Well, I will look at that.  But you were the one who said "I think".  You can go to the archives for that.

I don't know why the attachment gets scrubbed, but it makes it more difficult to carry on a conversation when it is interrupted by code.

A repost would have been a courteous thing to do, I am not sure why you are so hostile about this.

Ted Ryan
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  I don't *think* I asked you something.  No, I *know* I asked you something.  

  I posted my question to you on August 24; its subject line is 'Re: McBroom on slavery'.  You will find it under 'Thread' for August, between Mark Solomon, 'Moscow Chamber' and Nick Gier, 'McBroom was an NSA student?'  I wrote in response to your second post of the day under that same heading.

  I will not repost my question here despite your instruction, as the body of my email is not available unless one clicks on the URL below the line, "An HTML attachment was scrubbed..."  I don't have time right now to clean up all the code in order to make it legible.  

  I look forward to your reply.


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  >You *think* you asked me something?  I don't recall a question from you, and even went to the archives to see about this.  I don't see a question.  So, if you will, find this question and post it. 
  >Ted Ryan 
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