[Vision2020] North Idaho's image problem

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Shoot, Carl, I have a hard enough time explaining to my friends across
the country that no, I do not grow spuds for a living.


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Forgive my late foray into the Confederate flag-Chamber of Commerce
I've been on vacation.  A few years ago, I was visiting a friend in the 
Asheville area of North Carolina.  At a museum in a little town called 
Brevard, I told the curator I was from north Idaho.  I was immediately 
assailed with questions about white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and 
neo-Confederates.  I did my part as an ambassador of our beautiful neck
the woods, and assured him that it was an assemblage of a handful of
who in no way represented the majority of Idaho residents.  Given the 
waning, but still active perception of this area as a haven for the
Butlers of the world, I can only say as a Moscow resident that a Chamber
Commerce presentation featuring the image of the Confederate flag is 
impolitic at best.  I'm feeling cranky, anyway.  I discovered over the 
weekend that at least three members of my extended clan
  I've been assured by my support group that Republicans happen in the
of families.



                                                          Carl Westberg

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