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Dear kirkers,

This comes in the form of a prayer request on behalf of someone in our congregation, and an exhortation to go with it. As you know, Paul Kimmell serves as a Latah County commissioner, and also works for the Chamber of Commerce. Because he is a member of our church, and for no other apparent reason, he has been under dishonest and unrelenting criticism in both of his jobs for some time now. The prayer request is this. Please pray for Paul and for the Kimmells, that Paul would continue to stand strong despite the dishonesty of the attacks.

The encouragement is related to this. Because the attack on him is coming in the form of highlighting his association with our church, some of you may have felt reluctant to come to his defense publicly because that “might make things worse for him.” We don’t want to play into the slander. But neither do we want (by default) to hang a friend and brother out to dry. So several comments need to be made here. First, if it really is the case that a word from you would make things worse, a word or note of encouragement privately is still fully appropriate. Second, even if it is something seized upon by his enemies (who can and will twist anything), there comes a point when we should defend our friends anyway. We should do it simply because it is the right thing to do. Third, there is nothing to the slander that Paul is a tool or instrument of Christ Church in local politics. Feel free to denounce that with a loud and clear conscience. And last, as God gives you opportunity, I wou!
 encourage you to make a point of defending Paul’s character and integrity in any setting that you have natural access to — a letter to the Chamber board, letter to the editor, an internet comment, conversation with friends, and so on. Having done this, I would urge you to return to the first point and pray for the Kimmells.


Cordially in Christ,




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