[Vision2020] McBrooms at NSA

Robert McBroom rmcbroom at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 25 14:16:25 PDT 2004

Mr. Gier,
I would simply respond by saying that my letter had regard to Biblical
slavery, not to slavery as it existed in America. There is no need to
apologize for the system of slavery ordained by God in the Bible. But
American slavery (North and South) had numerous flaws and evils connected
with it which means that it is impossible for Christians to approve or
defend it. You are not pro-slavery if by that someone thinks that you
approve of the slavery of ancient Roman or ancient and modern Africa or 19th
century America. But I am pro-God's Word and will defend all that God
ordains. Anyone who apologizes for God is too sensitive by half, but no one,
least of all Christians, can or should defend sin.

Robert McBroom

> Greetings:
> My source was off by one generation.  Robert McBroom, Jr. attended NSA did
> not graduate.  But two McBroom daughters/sisters did graduate from NSA in
> 2000.  I've asked McBroom, Sr. if he still stands by his pro-slavery views
> and I wish he would post his answer on V2020.
> Nick Gier
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