[Vision2020] Re: can't remember the original post subject line, maybe that means we should stop

Ted Ryan coffeemonkey100 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 24 14:56:41 PDT 2004

Joan Opyr,

That is just the problem, I won't try and explain someone else's actions.
They aren't mine to explain.  All I ask is you try to get some of this from
Mr. Kimmell himself.  Perhaps it was a poor choice given the climate,
however, no one has bothered to ask why?  And ask in such a way as to leave
room for an answer.

I believe I said "you people" when referring to those calling Mr. Kimmell a
puppet.  That wasn't meant to include you, though I can see how you thought
that.  I do appreciate your civil tone and feel like real dialogue has
occurred.  This is much better than what happens far to regularly in this

I would be very interested to see the count you come up with of times Lee is
mentioned over Jesus by Mr. Wilson.  Please be sure to include his sermons,
I am sure they are worth several touchdowns apiece.

Ted Ryan

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> Just for the hell of it, Mr. Ryan, why don't you try explaining why you
think Paul Kimmell chose Robert E. Lee for this leadership retreat?  Why did
he distribute materials embossed with the Confederate battle flag?  It seems
to me that your options are limited.  Political tone-deafness.  Idiocy.  A
genuine admiration for Lee's work for the Confederacy.  Or a complete and
utter disregard for the community climate and the Chamber's constituents.
Ugly choices, all, I fear.
> Putting away my tarot cards,
> Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment

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