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And yet it always is there with his story because thats who he was!?
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> If I were gullible enough to believe that Commissioner Kimmell was simply
> placing Robert E. Lee on a pedestal to explain Lee's great leadership, why
> put the Confederate flag on display (as Puppet Kimmell did)?
> Yes.  We can present military leaders of "losing" sides as great leaders.
> Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (The Desert Fox) comes to mind.  Rommel's
> leadership prowess can be detailed without displaying the Nazi swastika.
> Please explain.
> Tom "I am" Hansen
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> As I said...He lost yes but he did go on to lead a school. And Professor
> Hume of WSU has a great letter from him that he reads as a part of his
> War class. He just may have something to teach us all about going on and
> giving up just because we have lost a cause we worked hard on. He knew
> Lincoln, he was a general in the most divisive war we've had, so the
> he wrote after are very interesting. I'k like to suggest that since we
> know what Paul was going to say about Lee or what part of his life he felt
> was worthy of presenting in a leadership meeting that some of you might
> jumped the gun without any real information. But, you'd probably think I
> unfair.
> PK
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