[Vision2020] Commissioner Paul Kimmell (In Re: Oversight by Christ Church)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Mon Aug 23 18:59:12 PDT 2004

Commissioner Kimmell -


To reiterate a question posed to you a month ago by Rosemary Huskey:


Will you confirm or deny the following statement from a Vision 2020 post?


"The Christ Church minutes state, "Doug Wilson reported that Paul Kimmell,
in his role as 
County Commissioner, is open to oversight from the elders on certain


Pastor Doug Wilson has responded to this inquiry by posting to his weblog.
It appears that the only office that responds on your behalf is Doug
Wilson's at Christ Church.  Are we (your tax-paying, voting public) to
understand that all inquiries destined for your office should be submitted
to Doug Wilson?


Do not let the fact that you are not up for reelection for another two years
provide you a false sense of security, Mr. Kimmell.  You will find that your
constituents possess excellent long-term memories.  And for those who may
tend to forget, I will be here to remind them of your ignorance regularly.


Ignoring questions posted by your tax paying constituents does not reflect
well upon an elected official that has been characterized as responsible and
a "man of integrity" by Pastor Wilson.  I am certain that even Pastor Wilson
realizes your lack of accountability concerning your apathy.


I/We am/are patiently awaiting (for the ninth time) your profound response,


Until then . . .


Take care,


Tom Hansen


PS (to Commissioners Nelson and Stroschein -  As previously stated, it has
become painstakingly clear that Commissioner Kimmell is not interested in
responding to constituents not located at Anselm House.  If a response to
this inquiry is not received from Mr. Kimmell by 5:00 PM on Tuesday (August
24, 2004, oops that is tomorrow)), we will seek a remedy in a more
effective, more demanding fashion. 




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