[Vision2020] Plagiarism Issues

Nick Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Mon Aug 23 09:35:59 PDT 2004


I've been promising to respond to Wilson's blog defense to the plagiarism 
charges, but I have misplaced it somewhere on my hard drive, so let me 
suffice with one point that I remember.  Wilson said that we are selective 
in our charges of plagiarism and mentioned MLK's doctoral dissertation at 
Boston University.

Here is a passage from my Gandhi book: "King's sexual sins were very 
specific and limited, but habitual and regular. (For academics the examples 
of plagiarism might be taken as worse.)" (The Virtue of Non-Violence [SUNY 
Press, 2004], p. 170)  I go on to criticize Gandhi more harshly because at 
least King admitted his sins and did penance for them.  In dramatic 
contrast Gandhi did not for his nonsexual sleeping with young girls.

With regard to Melynda's charge of plagiarism against Paul Kimmel, she made 
an important qualifier.  Remember she asked if Kimmel had quoted his 
sources?  On Saturday a Wilson supporter accosted me and distracted me from 
my duties at the PCEI booth at Palousafest.  He claimed that Kimmel did 
cite the source for these passages during his presentation.

I have asked Vera White to tell me if the text she received had any 
footnotes and if her sources can confirm that Kimmell did in fact cite his 
source during his presentation.  Can anyone else who has present confirm this?

Perhaps Kimmell himself can clear this up and also explain to his 
constituents what Christ Church oversight really means?  Are you out there 
Mr. Kimmell?  Your constituents are waiting for answers.

I'm just as puzzled as others on this list serve who wonder why any 
autonomous adult needs oversight.  In one of my chapter sub-headings I 
called this, rather provocatively but accurately, as "biblical juvenilism."

Nick Gier

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