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Sun Aug 22 11:23:09 PDT 2004

Tim et. al.

Thanks for your reply.

I agree that document theft does not rank high on the list of topics for 
sensational "yellow journalism." 

Then why was the Berger story so widely reported in a sensational manner, 
even before there was time to clarify what was really going on?  They had Berger 
hiding the documents down his pants to "steal" them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Does 
this not sound like a story being hyped with "sensationalized" details?  You 
are asserting the story does not fit the model of a "sensational" media event, 
yet it was reported with overtones of this kind of story.

Yes, of course, most do not know who Sandy Berger is, or care, but this 
image, that went out nationally in our media and was widely reported, of Berger 
with documents down his pants, was heard by many, I am certain.

We are not talking here of a minor error correction for a journalistic 
mistake when Berger was "cleared," if he truly is.  We are talking about the media 
ruining someone's public reputation, then not reporting widely that they were 

If Berger being "charged" with document theft is headline news, his 
exoneration should be headline news.  Seems fair to me, though I do not think the media 
should be trying people in public like they do now in the first place.

Ted Moffett
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