[Vision2020] Vandalism in Friendship Square

Nick Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Sun Aug 22 09:59:16 PDT 2004


For over a week now the flyers that I have put up for the Concerned 
Academics of the Palouse have been repeatedly torn down.  I just want to 
remind the perpetrators that the bulletin board there is public space and 
that is my personal property that you are destroying.

Many years ago I caught some of Doug Wilson's supporters tearing down 
flyers that I put up on campus.  I called Doug and got an apology from him 
and he assured me that his people would never do such a thing ever again.

Even though Roy Atwood charged that UI faculty and students vandalized his 
property in Friendship Square last fall, he never had any proof of 
it.  I've not caught anyone red handed yet, but I would just like to tell 
these yahoos to knock it off, OK?

I can print just as many copies of the flyer as you can take down, so you 
might as well leave them alone.

Yours for the First Amendment,

Nick Gier

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