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Dear Visionaries:  
Who needs Robert E. Lee?  I've discovered a deeply religious (and undeniably principled) alternative role model for Chamber of Commerce Leadership  Forget H. W. Crooker's Robert E. Lee on Leadership: Executive Lessons in Character, Courage, and Vision.  Instead, try reading S. U. M. Crook's Torquemada on Leadership: Lessons in Character, Vision, and Really Burning the Competition.

>From the blurb:

"Torquemada was a leader for the ages.  The man heralded by Queen Isabella of Castille as 'el hombre de la thumbscrews,' Torquemada inspired an army of religious zealots to rack, burn, stretch, sizzle, baton and tickle to death an untold number of Godless apostate hell-bound Protestants.  He was a brilliant strategist and a man of unyielding principle who, in the face of weeping and wailing, begging and pleading, closed his ears to his victims' prayers and struck the match that changed the course of history.  
In this remarkable book, you'll learn the keys to Torquemada's greatness as a man and as a leader. You'll find a homicidal maniac whose standards for personal excellence were second to none, whose leadership was founded on the highest religious principles, and whose character was made of steel.  You'll see how he remade a rag-tag bunch of priests into one of the most impressive killing forces history has ever known.  You'll also discover other sides of Torquemada—the businessman who made the rack and the thumbscrew really pay and who streamlined the operations of the Inquisition.  You'll meet the teacher who took a formerly-Muslim Mediterranean nation, once famed for its learning and its tolerance, and turned it into the scourge of free-thinkers everywhere.  Torquemada was the motivator who inspired those he led to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible -- piles upon piles of dead Protestants, as far as the eye could see.  Each chapter concludes with the extraordinary lessons learned, which can be applied not only to your professional life, but to your private life as well.  No child, no dog, no wife will dare to disobey you!  
Today's business world requires leaders of uncommon excellence who can outsmart the competition and overcome the cold brutality of constant change by using . . . cold brutality.  Torquemada was such a leader.  He triumphed over challenges people in business face every day.  (Just think what he could do for Martha Stewart.)  Guided by his magnificent example, so can you."
What can I say?  It's a slow Saturday on the Palouse, and I've already finished dinner, the dishes, and my nails.
Hasta la vista,
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