[Vision2020] Response to Mr. McBroom

Nick Gier ngier at uidaho.edu
Wed Aug 18 21:33:26 PDT 2004

Dear Mr. McBroom,

Welcome to Vision2020.  We've had a guy from Texas tune in, so what a 
pleasure to hear from another Southern State.  I've also been informed that 
you are a deacon in Steve Wilkin's Louisiana church.

Because of the retaliation that we've heard about in your neck of the 
woods, all that I can say to your question is that I have it on good 

In addition to using "Time on the Cross" without attribution in "Southern 
Slavery As It Was," I would imagine that Wilkins has used it in the same 
way in tapes sold from the 1994 history conference, at other conferences, 
and in other publications.  Might be some very serious copyright violations 

Nick Gier

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