[Vision2020] US Actions Sell Al Quada

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Wed Aug 18 18:32:54 PDT 2004


The fact that these issues are being debated as though these theories (that Saddam had significant ties to Al Quada that had connections to 9/11, or that Bush was pursuing Al Quada vigorously before 9/11) have some merit that demands refutation, is a testament to the success of the propaganda machine supporting the Bush administration.

To expand on all the evidence why the Bush administration was not pursuing Al Quada aggressively before 9/11, or why invading Iraq was a bad decision in the context of the most efficient pursuit of the war on terrorism, would take a tome or two.

But as the anonymous CIA twenty year veteran, who has recently wrote a book called "Imperial Hubris" said, "The invasion of Iraq was a Christmas gift to Bin Laden."  

And on the subject of Bin Laden, still at large, it is a no brainer that if we had focused attention on nabbing Bin Laden first before invading other countries, might this not have increased our chances of catching him?  

At this point in time, though, I am skeptical that catching Bin Laden would make much of a difference in the war on terror, with Al Quada being a decentralized group with cells in many locations who do not know the details of what the other cells plan, with each cell able to function independently.  

Al Quada is more of an idea that finds followers wherever conditions create the mentality for some to become "true believers" in the cause.  And the US invasion of Iraq, and US torture and abuse of Iraqis, is helping sell the idea of Al Quada all over the Islamic world.

Ted Moffett 

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