[Vision2020] Commissioner Paul Kimmell (In Re: Oversight byChristChurch)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed Aug 18 05:55:40 PDT 2004

It is really quite simple, Ms. Kraut.


It is true that Commissioner Kimmell is not required, by any form of
mandate, to respond to my inquiry, as you are not required to respond to
Sunil's.  Yet, Commissioner Kimmell is an elected official.  People like to
have their questions answered when presented to local, state, or federal
elected officials.  Where your failure to answer questions may not be
quantifiable, Commissioner Kimell's failure is on election day.
Commissioner Kimmell's failure to respond may be an oversight where he may
have simply forgotten to answer.  Or it may be an oversight of another


To you my question may appear combative and/or confrontational.  This is
merely because I have had to ask the same question nine times without a


Tom Hansen

Not On The Palouse (or Monroe, Louisiana), Not Ever



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Is there something in the site rules that says that a person MUST  answer
questions put to them? I know that Sunil keeps asking me the same question
as though I were somehow duty bound to respond and now this one to Paul so I
am thinking it must be in the fine print somewhere. Tom, if Paul does not
wish to respond I really don't think he HAS to, especially since your
question is so combative and confrontational. 

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