[Vision2020] Re: oversight=authority?

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 14 17:43:31 PDT 2004

>Ms. Gray said:
>"I am curious why people are insistent that Paul Kimmel is a mindless
>puppet of Doug Wilson . . .  I don't see anyone jumping all
>over the Moscow Civic Association for having undue influence over
>Nancy Cheney or John Dickinson (and this has nothing to do with them,
>their decisions, etc. It's JUST an example)."

Mr. Carscallen writes:
>Hmmm . . . Good point.  Nothing against Nancy or John (who I consider good
>people), but where's the outcry?  I'm sure they are open to oversight from
>the MCA (which is more political than Christ Church could ever hope to be)
>on certain issues."

I am curious too Dan, where did John and Nancy vote for a Tax Break to the 
members of MCA? Would this upset you? Or would you give them a pass because 
people don't like the UI and they are attached to the UI?

Donovan J Arnold
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