[Vision2020] Meeting With Congressman Butch Otter

Tom Trail ttrail at moscow.com
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Yesterday, I had a chance sit in on a Chamber meeting with Congressman Butch
Otter--a few highlights and remarks from the Congressman.

  1.  Prescription Drugs from Canada--Congressman Otter supported a bill and
      is co-sponsoring another one for this fall to allow free access for
      our citizens to purchase prescription drugs from Canada and Mexico or
      Europe.  He applauds Vermont's effort to take the FDA to court to
      overturn their authority to prevent citizens from purchasing prescription
      drugs from out of country.

  2.  Patriot Act--a number of the components of the Patriot Act will sunset
      in 2005, and there will be a great debate on whether to extend these

      The Congressman is one of the key sponsors of the SAFE ACT along with
      60 co-sponsors at the present time.  Major provisions of the Act include:

        a.  Eliminate power of law enforcement to get names of readership from
            libraries and book stores

        b.  Eliminate Nationwide search warrant power--utilize local judges
            and law enforcement has to prove probable cause and come back
            every week to renew application for a search warrant or wire tap
            and show probable cause.

        c.  Eliminate the sneak and peek provision of the Patriot Act.

        d.  Classify domestic terrorism on the same basis or category as
            drug enforcement.

      The Congressman restated his provision that the Patriot Act violated
      our basic civil liberties.

   3. HB4200--Equality of pay for National Guard and Reservists when called
      to duty such as Iraq.  Otter noted that many banks are only asking for
      the interest on mortgages while military personnel are away.

Those are a few points from my notes.

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