[Vision2020] And Yet Wilson Continues to Answer for Kimmell

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Aug 13 13:29:20 PDT 2004

This is truly strange.  The question was asked of Commissioner Kimmell.  Yet
it is being answered by Doug Wilson.  That alone should be an example of
practical application of "oversight".


>From His Whineyness' weblog  (I really think that he is losing it) -


Grease on the Nose
Topic: General Ruminations

The only thing that is worse than pathetic behavior is pathetic behavior
supplemented with pathetic excuses. Those who would violate the
pastoral/church member relation (on a massive scale) in order to get
material for their partisan mud-gobbing are pathetic. Those who would try to
justify such a thing by pointing to what they thought they found as a result
are worse, because the attempted defense means that they are now pretending
to have a functioning conscience.

What do these dead-catters think they have found? They think they have found
incriminating evidence that Paul Kimmell is a lackey of the Christ Church
board of elders. What they actually have is an example of how all faithful
Christians live in the world. If someone were to come to me as their pastor
and say, "my boss at work wants me to lie to the investigators from Boise
who are trying to find out where the million-dollar money hole at the
University of Idaho is. My Christian faith requires me to submit to my boss,
but it also requires me to tell the truth. What do I do?" As a pastor, I
tell them what their responsibilities are as a Christian, which would be, in
such a [admittedly extreme, hypothetical] case, to tell the truth. The same
kind of thing goes for law, medicine, and auto mechanics. The church
exercises oversight in those areas where the church is assigned oversight in
Scriptures. We therefore require our members to be honest, faithful,
conscientious, etc. We don't tell auto mechanics what auto part to order, or
instruct the surgeon on the technics of heart by-pass surgery. And we don't
tell Paul Kimmell how to vote -- unless the vote were an attempt to frame
iniquity with a law, as the psalmist says. If the vote were on whether to
have Jews wear little identifying stars of David on their clothing, we would
require any member of our fellowship who had a vote to vote no. And we would
discipline him if he did not vote no. This is because there is a separation
of church and state (and ought to be), but there is no separation of
morality and state. If Paul ever wanted to use his office to lie, cheat and
slander, we would address it. To take an extreme example, if Paul Kimmell
ever stole pastoral minutes from the church and used them to attack his
personal enemies, we would deal with that as well. But Paul is a man of
integrity, and he would not ever do anything like that.

Others in our community, however -- who have the moral fiber of a sack full
of wet eels -- have no intention of being responsible and accountable to
others the way Paul has been. They want to pass around stolen and
misappropriated minutes, full of pastorally sensitive information, and comb
through those minutes looking for dirt on others. We are currently not in a
physical position to stop those who have no sense of shame -- or their
slightly troubled apologists. But we can point out the contemptible nature
of what is being done, and note that one of the chief offenders seems to
agree with this -- he is certainly ashamed of his own name. I would be too.

If someone calls these people on the obvious ethical impropriety of what
they are doing, they want to defend themselves through an appeal to
Watergate. What nobility! The republic is saved!

What they are actually doing is harrassing a local church, not to mention
every individual in that church who ever sought help for a personal problem.
Instead of people demanding that Paul Kimmell answer questions on this
issue, I really think the "demand for answers" needs to be turned around.
The handful of bitter people on Blurrsion 20/20, once they have gotten a
life, need to answer these questions. 1. What name did your mother give you?
2. Why are you embarrassed by this? 3. Where and how did you get the elder
minutes? 4. Do you have any current plans to wiretap the confessional at St.
Mary's? 5. Gee, why not? Lots of useful information there, I bet. Especially
with elections coming up and all. 6. Did you know that you have grease on
your nose from dumpster diving behind Anselm House?

Posted by Douglas Wilson - 8/13/2004 3:00:14 PM


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