[Vision2020] Scope of Doug Wilson supervision over Paul Kimmel (unrestricted?)

Ithruunuum mardoye edwardscissorbrains at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 13:11:01 PDT 2004

Doug Wilson in his latest post states:

"And we don't tell Paul Kimmell how to vote -- unless the vote were an 
attempt to frame iniquity with a law, as the psalmist says ... we would 
require any member of our fellowship who had a vote to vote no. And we would 
discipline him if he did not vote no ... this is because there is a 
separation of church and state (and ought to be), but there is no separation 
of morality and state"

What Doug Wilson omits is his teaching that there is NO NEUTRALITY on any 
decision i.e., all decisions have moral import and are therefore subject to 
Doug Wilson's moral oversight and control.

This omitted fact, taken in context, indicates that Paul Kimmell is subject 
to Doug Wilson oversight and control over any and almost every issue of 
moral import.  This includes many more issues than Doug Wilson inventoried 
in his latest weblog message.

For Example:

Is it moral for the County to place restraints on development through 
specific zoning regulations. Are eminent domain and condemnation proceedings 
an immoral taking of private property e.g., for County Road ROW (property 
rights).  Is raising sales or property taxes an unbiblical method of 
taxation amounting to theft.  Is the allocation of tax dollars for economic 
development purposes an immoral redistribution of wealth for immoral 
purposes.  Should the Commissioner restrict funding to the Sheriffs's Office 
when in Kimmel's view he is enforcing unbiblical laws.  Is it an unethical 
redistribution of wealth for tax dollars to fund the latah county 
fairground, etc...

Since, In Doug Wilson's view, morality encompasses all aspects of public 
life does Paul Kimmel have any freedom to make any decision NOT subject to 
Wilson oversight.

Paul, would you please answer the question as to what types of government 
activities you conduct which don't have a moral component subject to Wilson 
discipline and oversight?

Thank you,


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