[Vision2020] NJ Gov. resigns, admits to being in gay relationship

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The New York Times reports:

"But for all that was remarkable about Gov. James E. McGreevey's personal
public confession, there was a more familiar element behind his demise, one
he left unsaid: the man who his aides said had had an affair with him had
been on the state payroll. That suggestion of patronage sounded somehow
almost run-of-the-mill in the tawdry universe of New Jersey politics...

...But he saw already the contrast in the words spoken by the governor and
at least some of the reasons for the sudden announcement: "The gender of the
person he had the relationship with is irrelevant," he said. "The problem is
putting a lover on the payroll in some fashion.""

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The latest understanding is that the person that filed the lawsuit was the
same person he was having a relationship with.

Who knows why. It could be a jealous lover that wanted to out him, or maybe
McGreevy wouldn't leave him alone. Maybe it is something worse.

I agree 110% with you that ones sexual orientation, or level of fidelity,
has little baring on their ability to governor or legislate in public or
private office.

Nonetheless, McGreevy is no credit to the Gay Community. He was a horrible
Governor and his administration was fraught with scandal and mismanagement.

I do feel for his family, and friends that he hurt through mismanagement and

Donovan J Arnold

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