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Sigh...maybe I'll finally cast a vote for Harold Stassen.  I know he's dead 
and stuff, but still....                                                     
Carl Westberg Jr.

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>Ted, et al,
>If Kerry is using the tactic of his support for the Iraq War as a political
>ruse, he is on risky ground.  His statement will certainly reduce the 
>of some or many of his supporters -- some my even vote for a third party
>If he really believes that the human suffering and chaos wrought to Iraq is
>justified without WMDs, Al Kada connections, etc., then I really must 
>my opinion of his reasoning ability, integrity, and values.
>Art Deco  (Wayne Fox)
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>   Wayne et. al.
>   I wonder what the heck is happening to people's memories, even John 
>Hans Blix and Scott Ritter, both critically involved in weapons inspections 
>Iraq, did not think we needed to invade Iraq to contain Saddam.  Why did we 
>give inspections and more peaceful methods of containment more time?  Why 
>we led to believe that invasion was imperative, indeed, in the false 
>manipulative words of W. Bush, that we faced a "mushroom cloud," a nuclear
>strike originating from Iraq in the US, if we did not invade!?
>   And as Wayne so accurately points out, if saving lives and the 
>aim of deposing a dictator were the goals, why do we not show the same 
>to other areas of the world facing horrific brutality?  Oil resources of 
>come first to mind.
>   However, on the subject of Kerry's support for war in Iraq, we should 
>that he is shamelessly playing politics to steal Bush's image of tough 
>patriotism.  I don't like it.  In fact, I have never liked Kerry that much
>because he was one of the Democrats who voted to authorize Bush to have
>authority to wage war in Iraq.
>   But politics being what it is, as we all know, Kerry may be playing the 
>political game to the hilt.
>   Am I willing to accept this game to gain the lesser of two evils?  Beam 
>away, to the planet where honesty wins elections, somewhere it must 
>   Ted Moffett
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