[Vision2020] Small Towns? Re: conflict of interest

Saundra Lund sslund at adelphia.net
Mon Aug 9 11:13:29 PDT 2004

Hi Dan,

You wrote:
"Hmmm . . . Kind of like some peoples attitude toward every member of Christ

Well, you must run with a really wild bunch!

I know more than a few people who share some beliefs espoused by Kirkers and are
quite put off, or morally repulsed, by other beliefs (i.e., man as god, woman as
wife; anti-feminism; anti-choice; anti-equal rights; etc.).

However, I don't know a single person (except maybe kids who don't yet "get"
that freedom of thought and beliefs, no matter how awful, are fundamental to our
way of life) who doesn't think that Kirkers are free to believe whatever they
want.  It's just that the Kirkers right to believe what they choose ends when
they want to take away my God-given rights.  No matter what Christ Church
leadership says, they ***do*** have a political agenda they want to inflict on
our community -- anyone with a working brain whose given it fair thought can see

I think it's also fair to say that I know a few (perhaps even more than a few)
people who are highly critical of the oversight or management or administration
or whatever you want to call it of Wilson World.  I don't know anyone who is
happy with the Great Tax Rip-Off that was happening.

But, I don't know of a ***single person*** who is willing to paint all Christ
Church members with the same brush, as you state.  Although it's getting harder
to have any real opinions since all Christ Church members, including
Commissioner Kimmell, seem to have withdrawn from conversation with community

So, my conclusion is that you know a whole different category of folks than I do
who are apparently much less tolerant of religious freedom.

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
-Edmund Burke

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Ted writes:

	The populations of small towns often assume they know each other
better, and this quick, easy assumption can lead to incomplete or
stereotyped notions about who others are.  Then people get trapped in
rigid oversimplified stereotypes that become how someone is seen,
leading to less real understanding of who that person is in their
totality, stereotypes that do not allow for change.
Hmmm . . . Kind of like some peoples attitude toward every member of
Christ Church.

Just pointing things out,


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