[Vision2020] Small Towns? Re: conflict of interest

Art Deco aka W. Fox deco at moscow.com
Mon Aug 9 10:25:25 PDT 2004

Dan, et al,

No one of my acquaintance would dream of saying all Christ Church Culties are
completely alike.

However, it is undeniable that each cultie continues to support the church and
its doctrines with their attendance and their money.

Each culties' contributions goes in part to support doctrines of sexism,
homophobia, anti-secularism, neoconfederacy, covenantal dishonesty, etc., etc.,
If you see, as I do, that infecting adults and children with these doctrines
with has real, noxious, crippling, and abusive consequences, then by continually
pointing this out does not mean I or you are saying that CCCers are identical

Most CCCers are basically average people with, simply put, a wide variety good
and bad traits.

The damage they are causing and trying to cause to many with their
anti-democratic, anti-social doctrines does connect them, however.


Art Deco  (Wayne Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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| Ted writes:
| The populations of small towns often assume they know each other
| better, and this quick, easy assumption can lead to incomplete or
| stereotyped notions about who others are.  Then people get trapped in
| rigid oversimplified stereotypes that become how someone is seen,
| leading to less real understanding of who that person is in their
| totality, stereotypes that do not allow for change.
| Hmmm . . . Kind of like some peoples attitude toward every member of
| Christ Church.
| Just pointing things out,
| DC
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