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Pat Kraut pkraut at moscow.com
Sat Aug 7 22:05:52 PDT 2004

I use a cell TracPhone. There is an initial cost getting the phone (at
Walmart, $50.00) Then I buy a card for the time on the phone. No bills, no
mail about it. I add the new time on line and occasionally get an email from
them but no spam. It is great in the van when going to Spokane. I highly
recommend them.
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> Visionaries:
> In some ways, I'm a techno-geek, but not in other ways.  Perhaps I'm the
> person in America (at least, according to my daughter), but I have
resisted the
> cell phone revolution to the core of my being.  While I could understand
how one
> might come in handy a few times a year, and I've always seen the benefit
> having one for emergency use, I was unwilling to pay a monthly charge for
> something I'd use so little.  Too, I've known people who had cell phones
> way back to the early days when having one didn't necessarily mean being
able to
> make a connection due to geographical challenges.
> However, I've been told that reception is better and now there are
> calling cards so someone like me willing to purchase the cell phone isn't
> shelling out a good chunk of change monthly for something that will be
> *very little*.
> Can anyone shed more light on this for me?
> TIA,
> Saundra Lund
> Moscow, ID
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