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While I agree with Mark that Moose Creek is a very nice place to
camp/picnic/fish, it does cost money to camp there ($8 per night).   Thus,
it really does not meet the criteria of free required by Patty N.
Another option (and one that is still free as far as I know) is the city
campground at Elk River, adjacent to the reservoir (you can ask about it at
Huckleberry Heaven there in Elk River).
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> Patty,
> Try Moose Creek Reservoir just one mile west of Bovill. Wooded
> camping spots by a lake complete with dock and swimming area. While I
> was county commissioner, we  negotiated a long term lease for the
> county to operate and maintain and improve this park with the Idaho
> Dept. of Lands. Very nice.
> Mark Solomon
> >Greetings to all:
> >I was hoping that somone out there might be able to tell me where a
> >family could camp for free, that might include a nice place to fish.
> >My husband and I are planning to take our two sons camping for the
> >first time, and we could only come up with Spring Valley.  If anyone
> >has any info regarding this please let me know.
> >Thanks
> >Patty N.
> >
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