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Wayne- you provide us with an excellent example of the point Tom was trying to make. He asked me to forward this email:

"I would like to make an attempt to make my point more clear regarding public
communication and sense of community.

I welcome debate on public issues and I feel differences of opinion are
important to test the merit of ideas.  I recognize there are a number of
substantial problems and errant behaviors out there in our community
adversely affecting us all.  My concern is that we should keep to the high
ground in our debate and discussion.  Meanness, back biting, character
assassination based on speculation, etc., are destructive and - I believe -

Let's make our points embracing intellectual clarity, facts, and a desire
for constructive purpose.  Already, in response to Jon's V2020 email on
this, I'm seeing writers defend their communication by referring to the
merits of their issues.  I'm not making a case about any particular public
issue.  Those who feel a need to should have at it.  I am trying to make a
case for procedure and constructive communication.  If we keep to the high
ground, even our disagreements are likely to be constructive.

In the public arena, those who (bless their hearts) are willing to take up
the issues should recognize that most of their actions either contribute to
or take away from sense of community.  Even those who don't feel much sense
of community should be able to agree that improving it is better than
deflating it".

Tom Hudson

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  Jon Kimberling wrote of Paul Kimmell getting oversight from Christ Church Elders:

  If you substitute the word "input" for the word "oversight", I believe we come much closer to what may have transpired.

  Hardly, Jon.

  Oversight: ... 2. Watchful care or management; supervision. (American Heritage Dictionary)

  Original cite by Captain Kirker from the Christ Church minutes:

  "Doug Wilson reported that Paul Kimmell, in his role as County Commissioner, is open to oversight from the elders on certain issues." 

  Please don't lead us to believe that you are totally ignorant by insisting that "input" is what is meant by the above passage from the minutes.

  However, I am delighted to hear your and Tom Hudson's fawning, almost lusting description of Paul Kimmell.  It reminds me of a description by many devouts of a man/wife team who mined hundreds of thousands of dollars from north Idaho Christians by selling them worthless stock in an nonexistent Canadian gold mine through their churches.

  The term "confidence man" or more correctly "confidence person", since women can be just as proficient at flimflamery as men, does not contain the term "confidence" by accident.

  Those who are able to defraud us do so in part by gaining our intense, passionate, blind confidence.

  If old adages have probable application then the following is likely to be more apt to the present situation:

  "Birds of a feather flock together."

  I am speaking of course of Kimmell's close association, if not infatuation or obsession with The self-appointed Agent of God, Christ Church Cult Master Douglas Wilson.  There is ample evidence in the record of Wilson's thievery, gross and arrogant lying, plagiarism, disregard for human rights, obstruction of justice, etc. to see the color of Wilson's feathers.  Now, apply the adage to Kimmell.

  Jon, if you choose to continue to express non-flattering blindness in this matter, please consider very seriously buying from me stock in an exceptionally promising gold mine in the country of Bolzana.  The stock is only $10,000 per share and is guaranteed in time to return your investment over 100,000 times.  Maybe you have a few friends that would be interested too.


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