[Vision2020] Idaho Government - State workers to get 1% bonus

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Wed Aug 4 09:44:53 PDT 2004

I must have missed that story! I wonder if Shirley Ringo or Tom Trail could 
share with us the reasoning behind the decision to give higher ed employees 
less than other state workers?  
Here at UI the staff(although, not I think faculty- Ron be sure to jump in:) )
have had merit raises put on hold until at least December. In all fairness, 
they have agreed to reassess the situation at that time and see if maybe it can 
be disbursed. I know that the staff at UI understands that not getting raises 
may mean we all get to stay employed- something I gladly give up my raise for.  
We don't want to get 1% and then watch our co-worker lose their job!

But the bonus seems to be a different matter, and after seeing that there was 
money for the task force to recieve well in excess( for most of them) of a 1% 
raise (and where in the budget DID that money come from anyway?) we are a 
little tetchy about $$$
Tom, Shirley, it would be great if you could explain it to me/us!

Heather Jordan 
Hayfields Farm

There was a story a few weeks ago in the Statesman that explained that the
> legislature had authorized funding only half the bonus for Higher Ed
> employees, just like they did for the 2% raises.
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> "Idaho Government - State workers to get 1% bonus"
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> The following is a short message from Heather Jordan:
> Does anyone know if the UI will be disbursing this money or will they be
> hanging on to it until December (along with the already allocated merit
> increases).
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