[Vision2020] Fw: And they say Bush is dumb

Joan Opyr auntiestablishment at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 1 16:24:39 PDT 2004

Pat writes:

>Good Grief!! I didn't write it...just got it and passed it on. Didn't even read it all...but it did give some of you something to >do for a few days!

Honey, I have not been working on this for a few days.  It gave me something to do for a few seconds while I waited for my lunch to cook in the microwave.  I'm not inclined to attribute either malice or grand conspiracy to you or to whomever it was who originally assembled this list of Bushisms and then incorrectly attributed them to John Kerry.  I think it's more likely to have been the product of ignorance, a disinterest in politics, and/or the tendency of the Internet to function like that old game, telephone.  Remember playing that at slumber parties?  I whisper "George W. Bush is an ignoramus" into Pat's ear, she then whispers into the ear of the girl next to her, and so on, and so on, until it reaches the last girl who repeats it as "Joan said Bush was an anus."

BTW, I do say Bush is an anus, and you can quote me on that.

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