[Vision2020] Schadenfreude

Andreas Schou scho8053@uidaho.edu
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 15:55:50 -0700

During a sudden bout of journalistic interest, I managed to dig up this little gem, written by none other than Holocaust denier David Irving about his visit to Moscow. I'd like to thank -- as profusely as possible -- the management of the Mark IV for making his stay as unwelcome as possible.


AFTER DRIVING ALL DAY I arrive at four at the Mark IV hotel in Moscow, Idaho. The insolent manager informs me he's cancelled our booking as "he hasn't enough kitchen staff."

When I ask to speak with his lawyer, he phones for the police to remove me from the hotel for "disruptive behaviour."

Two scrawny young females with notepads are hanging around outside, local journalists. Will I go ahead elsewhere?

"That's for me to know and you to find out."

The town lives up to its name. Three of Moscow's ten police patrol cars
Pursue me down Main Street -- at a stately ten miles per hour -- and serve a trespass notice on me at the hotel's request.

The cops are very friendly, say they have a duty to uphold law and order if there is a protest demo against me: "We're only carrying out our orders, sir."

I say: "Saddam's officers are probably saying the same thing." 

"Nice comeback, that," says one, admiringly.

I check in at the University Inn and download messages. I have sent a picture of yesterday's blizzard on the Interstate to London. An unusually solicitous Benté writes: "Try to drive carefully! Take care." I reply: "You suddenly realised I am the breadwinner, right?"

She responds: "You've got it!" -- a dreadful Americanism.

The snow since Portland has made driving very worrisome.

OUR MOSCOW ORGANISER, Alfred H, has seamlessly relocated the function to a local hotel, which I have paid for in advanced some weeks ago as an alternate.

I warn him that the traditional enemy is bent on rioting. But it seems they cannot locate this new address (nor however can most of my audience).

Getting tired of all this, I deliver a sharply abridged version of my talk. The handful present includes a university professor (no friend, I am later told), a local newspaperman whom I have allowed in despite my aversion to them, and a plain-clothes police officer with a radiotelephone. It reminds me of Germany, where officers also had to watch on my lectures.

TODAY I AM JUST DRIVING south through Idaho. I slip heavily on ice crossing to the reception desk, thumping my back badly, and limp all day.

We have obtained the letter written by hatemonger Jamie McCarthy to the Pyramid Brewery in Seattle to get them to cancel our function.

This pest has lost them a lost of business while doing us no real harm. I advise him: "Your letter, because it induces them to violate a lawful contractual agreement, commits a tort, an offence. Get legal advice before you do it again."