[Vision2020] Dick Cheney's 2003 tax savings larger than your annual income.

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Wed, 14 Apr 2004 18:58:31 GMT

Mr. Lohrmann -

To echo Carl's question, "Who are you supporting in this year's presidential 

Or are you simply a representative of the "Oh No" squad who stand around an 
accident saying "Oh no.  Oh no." without anything of value to add?

Tom Hansen
Intolerista Liberal Elitista to the Stars

>    9 out of 10 Demican/Republicrats Agree!
>    Sure.
>    Both candidates are millionaire Yalies with zero insight into the lives of 
Americans? So what?
>    Don't tell "our" voters/consumers that they're lacking the "vision thing." 
They should
just be happy that we still even have the choice of Coke or Pepsi,,,um....
>    Allow other candidates (candidates with their names on the ballots in 
enough states to
win the Presidency) into debates to present their views to voters?
>    Naaah, leave it to us---we've gotta repress...er restrict political 
debate. We dont
want  "our" debate watching audience getting confused by ideas. 
>   After all there IS a genuine difference in how these two candidates would 
take the war in Iraq for example. Sure they're both for it---one proposed it 
and the other
voted for it. The difference is.....lessseee....oh yeah....Kerry would send 
40,000 more
troops. Yeah, that's it!
>   So you "Liberals" ---go out and "rebel" with JFKerry!
>   Show us how radical you are. Sure he's an upper-class elitist muli-
millionaire, sure he
and his family's massive trust profits directly from a huge multi-national 
companies that
outsource jobs while campaigning against it, sure he is for the war, NAFTA, 
FTAA etc. etc. just like his "Conservative" opponent. 
> But voting's your civic duty.
>    You Conservatives? Re-elect Bush, of course!
>    Sure he's got no fiscal responsibility, is increasing government's size, 
doesn't stand
up for you on the social issues you're concerned about, and etc. But ya gotta 
> Why?  We need you to Le-Git-Imate our government--gotta have the consent of 
the governed
or democracy's in trouble...where were you in Civics?
> But only 50% of registered voters usually bother to vote in Pres. elections 
anyway you
>   And only about 50% of those eligible to vote bother to register? 
> So you're saying that the Pres. elections only attract about 25% of those who 
>  And that the last few presidents have taken office without even a majority 
of this
fractional number of voters?
> Hey!! Who ya calling illegitimate?  Settle down!
> It's the voters fault!!....they're plain lazy!! 
> After all we've done for them---everything we offer them!!
> By the way---how about a contribution---we're gonna need to run a lot of 
negative ads this
> They're proven to reduce voter turnout, ya see...and...
> TL
> Joan Opyr <auntiestablishment@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Tim writes:
> >Yep, Dick and Dub really are rich guys.  Good thing the Democrat party 
nominated a good
ole joe >sixpack type of fella who feels our economic pain!   
> And then he goes on to tell us that, surprise, surprise, John Kerry is rich 
too.  Wow. 
I'm stunned.  Tim-- are you implying that here, in the United States of 
America, major
political party candidates are not selected from the check-out line at the Wal-
Mart?  That
we don't look in the oil pit at Jiffy Lube for our commanders in chief?  Good 
>From whence will come our generation's Honest Abe, rising from his humble cabin 
in the
woods of Illinois, walking to school barefoot, killin' himself a bear when he 
was only
three . . . no wait, that was Davy Crockett.  Look, until we provide an even-
handed social
safety net featuring universal health care, a guaranteed living wage for full-
time work,
and a good, well-funded, accessible state education, I don't think there will 
be any
future presidents born in the Stadium Way Trailer Court.  Sorry.  This is not a
meritocracy, and that's a shame.  A terrible shame.    
> But here's the point of publishing far and wide Dick and George's incredible 
the mega-rich have handed themselves an enormous tax cut, and their annual 
savings . . .
their SAVINGS . . . thanks to this lop-sided tax cut are far larger than most 
of our
annual incomes.  The rich are truly getting richer, and the poor are getting 
poorer.  The
question, for me, is not whether George and Dick are as rich as John, but what 
intend, respectively, to do for those who haven't been born with a silver foot 
in their
mouths -- those who instead got a mouth full of athlete's foot, or Plantar's 
wart, or
toenail fungus.  I hate to get all Biblical on you, but "to whom much is given, 
from him
that much more shall be expected."  Our rampant tax-cutting friends have been
systematically turning this maxim on its ear since the early 1970s.  Enough.
> It was shocking to discover that George W. Bush had begun to make me feel 
nostalgic for
Richard Nixon, but now I find that Dick Cheney is forcing me to reassess Spiro 
> Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment    
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