[Vision2020] AFT letter on closing the UI Office of Diversity

Nick Gier ngier@uidaho.edu
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 11:17:18 -0700

To the Editor:

As representatives of members of the American Federation of Teachers 
throughout Idaho and at the University of Idaho, we were distressed to 
learn about the closing of the UI Office of Diversity and Human Rights.

Raul Sanchez was appointed by President Hoover to work directly with him to 
improve the campus climate for those who are underrepresented and sometimes 
ignored at our institution. This high level appointment presumably was a 
clear demonstration of the UI adminstration's commitment to broad diversity 
goals and a serious determination to meet them.

During his tenure, Raul worked very effectively with students and faculty, 
who saw Raul as someone whom they could trust to listen to them and work 
through their issues. Students at a recent meeting lamented the fact that 
they now have no high level UI administrator with whom they can meet in 

President Michael has assured us that there will be no cut in funding for 
diversity issues, but all of us must be vigilant and monitor these budgets 
in the future. And if the only savings is the salary of an essential high 
level administrator (and then not until FY06), then it seems that much has 
been lost for very little savings for the university.

Robert Dickow, Acting President
UI Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

Nick Gier, President
Idaho Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO