[Vision2020] Moscow Aquifer

Gary Schroeder Gary@hideandfur.com
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:22:58 -0700


Below is a press release about what we are doing on the
Moscow aquifer issue. Tom Trail and I have been working
on this since before it was "big news".

My goals are 1) To get public input from everyone involved
in one place, and 2) To get money for continued scientific 
study of our aquifer so we can make good decisions for
our community going forward.

I will post the dates, times and locations of the meetings
here as they are set. I encourage everyone interested in
this important issue to attend.



12 April 2004

Senator Gary J. Schroeder, R-Moscow, was recently appointed to the 
NORTH IDAHO AQUIFER WORKING GROUP.  This group is comprised 
of 8 North Idaho Legislators and will review issues surrounding both the 
Rathdrum Prairie aquifer and the Moscow/Pullman aquifer.  

Legislative leadership has established 5 working groups throughout the 
state and each is charged with making recommendations for water 
management in its area.  This comprehensive review of water issues was 
prompted by a water shortage and consequent lawsuit last spring in the 
Thousand Springs area near Hagerman.  It is expected that the efforts of 
the Interim Committee will result in legislation next January.  

The North Idaho Aquifer Working Group is charged with recommending actions 
that the State should undertake to assist or supplement efforts of the
Basin Aquifer Committee and evaluate and make recommendations regarding 
an administrative structure for ensuring short-term and long-term aquifer
goals and implementation.  In addition, the Group will study and recommend
for funding implementation of its goals and objectives.  The group is also
charged with 
recommending how Washington State and Idaho interests in the aquifers should
be addressed.  

"Two things are important for Latah County residents," noted Senator
"First, we are charged with working with local residents and officials.
Second, we have a 
window of opportunity to collect additional scientific data on our aquifer.
Most importantly, 
both Senator Dean Cameron, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and myself
believe that 
this effort will result in additional resources being made available as we
progress.  Rep. Tom 
Trail and I have been working on this aquifer issue for several years."

The working group will schedule meetings in North Idaho and report back to
the Legislative 
Natural Resources Interim Committee at regular intervals during summer and
fall.  The dates, 
times, and locations of these meeting will be made public as they are set.

Sen. Gary J. Schroeder, 208-882-0601