[Vision2020] Special Legislative Session Needed

Nick Gier ngier@uidaho.edu
Sat, 03 Apr 2004 14:39:31 -0800


First, a compliment to Ron Force.  Your "off the top of the head" summary 
of the University Place was not only impressive, but, as far as I can tell, 
quite accurate.  The UI was actually running in the red before 9/11 and in 
others areas quite apart from University Place.

Second, a response to Debbie.  When the AFT voted to forego the 2 percent 
raise, we obviously were not speaking for all faculty and staff (we are not 
a recognized union), but we urge all UI faculty and staff to forgo as 
well.  Fran Wagner, the chair of Faculty Council, who was elected by 
representatives of the faculty also proposed this.

Third, with another 5 percent hold back coming soon, the only way to save 
the UI and other public agencies from complete destruction is to urge the 
Governor to call a special legislative session.  The AFT will be meeting 
next week with Shirley Ringo to discuss that as well as more specific issues.

On Thursday the CLASS faculty decided not to act on AFT's resolutions, 
which included a vote of no confidence, but chose to focus on some very 
reasonable and workable counter-proposals. If the CLASS dean does not 
accept a counter-proposal that retain studio arts, those resolutions may 
well be reactivated.

Nick Gier