[Vision2020] Evolution and cruelty

Joshua Nieuwsma joshuahendrik@yahoo.com
Tue, 23 Sep 2003 18:32:13 -0700 (PDT)

Your half full quote made me think of this mug:


Mr. hansen, I was making a generality based upon
history. But I have a question. Why are you a strong
supporter of random acts of kindness? How are they any
better than random acts of cruelty? (examples being
Nero and Claudius and Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini
and myriads of black slave owners in Africa and
myriads of current slave owners in Islamic countries).
I would expect it to be far better for you to do an
intentional act of kindness than just a random one.
Random acts of kindness will rarely really help the
right people that need kindness the most. More likely
than not the person in the drivethrough had enough
money already to pay for their meal. Wouldn't it be
better to use that money for someone who you know is
working hard but can't keep food on the table?

questions and thoughts...

Joshua Nieuwsma

--- Thomas Hansen <tomh@uidaho.edu> wrote:
> Joseph Nieuwsma stated:
> "Men are only kind to men when there is something in
> it for them."
> I beg to differ.  You do realize that there actually
> are people that do
> kindnesses for others simply because they feel it is
> the right thing to do
> without anticipating any reciprocation.  I am a
> strong supporter of random
> acts of kindness.  Once a month as a habit, I do a
> kindness to a total
> stranger anonymously (i.e. paying for the
> car-next-in-line's order at a
> drive-thru fast food restaurant, among other
> things).
> That glass is still half full,
> Tom Hansen 

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