Fw: [Vision2020] Re: Cloning

Robert Dickow dickow@uidaho.edu
Sun, 21 Sep 2003 10:42:05 -0700

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From: "Donovan Arnold" <donovanarnold@hotmail.com>

> Robert,
> Give me some credit :). I know that fingerprints are not 
>the same even in twins, ... I was assuming that they would
> bright enough to wear gloves. No prints, no knowledge 
>of who it was. Your alibi is a problem too. The video 
>camera in the Tulsa Oklahoma 7-11 doesn't know if it 
>recording clone 1,2,3,4, or 5 buying a candy bar. Meanwhile, 
>at the same time one of the clones is robbing a bank in San 
>Diego. The clone accused can claim they where in Tulsa 
>at the time of the crime.

My point was that the clone factor does not
raise substantial new problems to crime detection or
prosecution. Why are fingerprints
still able to implicate criminals?  Why don't they always
wear gloves? And the clones will not be
able to make the alibi claims in any meaningful way.
Ask your nearest criminal lawyer as to why this hypothetical case
doesn't pose any special or unique problems that we 
don't already face today in terms of evidenciary process.

Bob Dickow