[Vision2020] Aaaaaa! Slavery!

Nate Wilson natewilson@moscow.com
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 16:37:14 -0700

    Okay, so my dad isn't a racist because you think he's a poor 
historian, he's a racist because you think he really, really, sucks at 
history? I see that I misrepresented your case. Please accept my 
apologies. I will go forth and sin no more. But then you reiterated an 
old argument that I missed the first time around because of its enormous 
weight. Why slavery? What's he doing thinking about the Civil War? Doug 
Wilson's mind is not allowed to drift off into the 1860's, and if it 
does, then let's all raise holy hell, because we know what he's 
thinking, and it's a bunch of snippy comments about black people. I'll 
leave it there. Moving on. The issue is not whether or not he's good at 
history (at least it wasn't). The issue is whether or not he feels 
racial superiority to black people. Go ahead and make your case. Gird up 
your loins, etc. (and please set aside your ability to see into my 
father's heart. It's not that I don't believe you, it's just hard to 
verify). As to why you never see fundamentalist types (by this I assume 
you mean us?) going on about the sermon on the mount, I submit that you 
aren't looking.
    But then you have yet to distance yourself from your racist friends. 
I am not yet convinced that your heart is not rotten with enthnic hatred 
hidden behind friendly speech. Damn Margaret Sanger and you might have a 
leg to stand on when damning my 'gaffer' (well, you won't really, but 
it's a start).
    Have you read Darwin?


P.S. Let's get Leithart in here. But I warn you, Andrew Sullivan finds 
him 'chilling.' I think that was the word.