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Andreas Schou scho8053@uidaho.edu
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:28:46 -0800

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From: Dale Courtney <dmcourtn@moscow.com>
Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 9:01 am
Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Re: Divisiveness

> Andreas writes:
> > > > The Canon Press crowd, though it does happen to disagree with
> > > > Gary North about whether liberals should be picked off one by
> > > > one with sniper rifles or slaughtered wholesale like the
> > > > Amakelites when America "returns to its Christian roots,"
> > >
> > > Wow! Where did North say that? I'd like a reference, please.
> >
> > Perhaps, Dale, you're not familiar with scare quotes when used 
> by anyone
> but you. In any case, the Amalekite quote (from Doug!) follows below:
> >
> > "Third, when a culture rebels against this ordinance of God in 
> such a
> profound way, its days are necessarily numbered. Those followers 
> of God
> within such a culture must prepare themselves for a deep civic 
> division--a
> culture war--which will either destroy that nation or rend it to 
> pieces.Wisdom says "all those who hate me love death" (Prov. 
> 8:36). A culture which
> loves death cannot stand. If any of the godly are present within a 
> culturepossessed with such a death wish, the presence of two 
> separate cultural
> orders will become increasingly obvious over time. At some point, two
> nations will emerge. Our fellow Americans will become to us 
> Amalekites.">
> > -- Doug Wilson, "Moving Beyond "Pro-Life"
> OK, now I'm *really* confused. You started with North saying that 
> "liberalsshould be picked off one by one with sniper rifles or 
> slaughtered wholesale
> like the Amakelites".
> When I asked for a reference to where that comes from, you cite 
> Wilson -- 
> which didn't have any reference to North's quote.

No. It didn't. 

I cited half of the disagreement; the other half doesn't, unfortunately for my argument, belong to Gary North. I had thought that the point of Doug's pro-life article had been in response to North's defense of Paul Hill. I then realized that no such defense had taken place, and that, in fact, North believes that the only murder of abortionists should be judicial.

In other words, I take full responsibility for being wrong.

Now. On to the rest of my email, which you, for the second consecutive response, have deleted:

Do you, Dale, disagree that this is the purpose of Christian education? If so, stop evading. If not, this is simply another of your mindless, space-wasting trolls and not worth the time that I took answering it.

I'm not accusing you of believing that the purpose of private education is the creation of a Christian state, I'm asking you if you disagree with Christian Reconstructionist dogma and, if so, why?

-- ACS