[Vision2020] Grassroots for Dean

Rob Keenan benjamin_barker@hotmail.com
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 21:19:23 -0800


Tonight I attended a grassroots meeting of Democrats supporting Howard Dean
in Pullman. I was surprised to see the wide range of Dean supporters of all
ages, socioeconomic levels, education levels, and across the political
spectrum. The meeting was organized through Meetup.com, a Web site that puts
likeminded people together.

One of the big reasons many in the Palouse support Dean is because of the
strong level of grassroots support he has encouraged and fostered. This
isn't a campaign about money -- it's a campaign about the issues that affect
all of us. Over and over again, I heard the people at the meeting say the
same thing: "Dean speaks right to my heart."

Another thing many of the supporters tonight brought out was Dean's strong
commitment to speaking his mind on the issues. He hasn't been giving
wishy-washy, safe, "political" answers. He's been out there, arguing for
things like equality and choice and personal freedoms and the right to
health care. Things a community like ours holds very near and dear to its

It's unfortunate the media have focused on his Confederate flag remark.
Unfortunate, because the remark was taken out of a larger context, a context
in which Dean realizes he will be the President of every American, not just
the ones who agree with him.

I came away from this meeting more determined than ever to support Dean
through this election and help put a man in the White House who will make
sure our country continues to grow and prosper. And Dean aims to grow and
prosper our country not by limiting our freedoms, but by embracing them.

I invite those of you unfamiliar with his stance on the issues to visit his
Web site, at www.deanforamerica.com. Perhaps I'll even see you at the next

Thanks for listening,