[Vision2020] Anti-war protest on Saturday

Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam@hotmail.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:37:38 -0800

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<P>After reading&nbsp;your post, I will try to make time to be at the rally.&nbsp; I am not getting more hawkish all the time; instead I am more filled with sorrow at the folly of our actions, and the fact that more people are going to die on both sides, in a war that is totally unecessary.&nbsp;Iraq didn't attack&nbsp;us on September 11, no matter how&nbsp;hard&nbsp;or loudly the Administration has tried to make the connection.  Regarding your Hempfest crack, I won't be stoned.&nbsp; It's too cold still for my Birkenstocks.&nbsp; I may even shower first.&nbsp; I hope I can raise the attendance to 51.&nbsp;</P>
<P>I won't speak for anyone else who plans to be at the protest, but here's my primary reason:</P>
<P>I fear this war is just the beginning.&nbsp; I think Syria or Iran will be next, perhaps North Korea.&nbsp; We&nbsp;are not creating a more stable world. If we head down this road, where will it end?&nbsp; I think the only way to get the Administration to reconsider is to make the political cost to them high enough.&nbsp; I do not want to sit back, only to later think "They mistook my silence for acquiescence."</P>
<P>So far the Administration hasn't cared about the opposition, but that doesn't mean we should go away.&nbsp; I am not so naive to think they will stop this war because of protests, but maybe we can do something about the next one.</P>
<P>Sunil Ramalingam<BR><BR></P></DIV>
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