[Vision2020] Hans Blix

Thomas Hansen tomh@FNA.fsn.uidaho.edu
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:39:06 -0800

I seriously doubt that Hans Blix's comments/suggestions will have any impact
at all on King George's decision to go to war.

Think of it this way - George W's popularity is waning badly due to his lack
of proper action on the domestic front (concerning the economy and
unemployment).  Shortly after 9/11, George's popularity was well over 80%.
For the first time in his presidency it has dropped below 60%.  He NEEDS a
war to regain his popularity.  With the exception of Vietnam, all presidents
became extremely popular at times of war.  George may regain a slight
measure of his previous popularity, but at what cost?

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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From: Carl Westberg [mailto:carlwestberg846@hotmail.com]
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Subject: [Vision2020] Hans Blix

I just read in the New York Times on the web that just as Bush and Blair 
agree that Iraq has weeks before war begins, Hans Blix says he has seen 
nothing to prompt a war.  He takes issue with the Bush administration's take

on his findings, and feels diplomacy still has plenty of time to work.  
Think Blix's statements will make any difference?


                                Carl Westberg Jr.

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