[Vision2020] Hans Blix

Devin Cole dcole@pacsim.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:37:22 -0800

Mr. Westberg asks:

"Think Blix's statements will make any difference?"

I seriously doubt it will.  George W. Bush has made up his mind, and from
what I can tell, he has had his mind made up for some time now.  What
credibility he may have had is completely shot, as he systematically
disregards the team on the ground in Iraq, the assertions of the rest of the
free world, and the voices of reason within his own nation to push his

He stated that the mission of the inspectors was not to search for WMD but
to confirm their destruction.  That may be, but I suggest that tactics
dictate that the inspection team be allowed to adjust their mission.  At
this point, my humble opinion is that invasion of Iraq is one of the worst
things we could do.  It seems obvious to me that more information and more
analysis of the situation is necessary here, and the fact that Bush cannot
see that is sadly disappointing.


Devin Cole