[Vision2020] courthouse expansion

Debbie Gray dgray@uidaho.edu
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 14:24:33 -0800 (PST)

I would suggest that all who are interested in this issue actually go to
the courthouse, sheriff's office, jail, etc. and see what overcrowding
there is. It's not pretty, very unprofessional and, I would think, lowers
productivity and efficiency in many ways. These are public places and I am
sure you would learn something interesting and people might welcome your

As for buying 17 houses, that's a great idea. Maybe we could put all the
jail prisoners in one and let them self-police themselves. And each court
could have it's own house. Excellent idea... Economies of scale? Nahhh...
Maybe we could have the judges and prisoners 'telecommute'. And the
prosecutor could work from home via video feed. Yes! And we could
broadcast it nationally and reap the big bucks from our new Reality basied
TV show 'Latah County, Uncensored'.

As for state employees (and I am one), I know the county employees haven't
received much in the way of raises in the past few years, either (as I am
married to one). Yes, our taxes go up, yes our income stays the same or
goes down due to rising insurance, etc., but I'd rather see my money go to
courthouse improvements than some other 'local improvements'. I thought
maintaining/improving infrastructure was one way to maintain/improve a
local economy. And won't that $2.5 million be spent locally on
contractors, supplies, etc? If not, at least the contractors/workers, etc
will infuse a large amount of cash into the local economy while it's being

Not an economist, but I've seen them up close and in action...


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