[Vision2020] Will War Cause What We Want to Prevent

Bob Hoffmann escape@alt-escape.com
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:10:05 -0800

At 04:56 PM 1/30/2003 -0800, Mike Curley wrote:
>The Soviet Union's nuclear weapons presented a credible threat to the US 
>for many years.  Some pushed for a "pre-emptive" strike that would take 
>out all their missiles at once.  The US did not do that--not, I think, for 
>humanitarian reasons, but because we knew that if we failed to pre-empt 
>all their weapons on the first strike, perhaps millions of Americans would 
>be killed by even one successful Soviet missile strike.  If we sent ours, 
>we knew they would send theirs.  And so it is with Saddam.

Excellent logic, which if followed to its conclusion means that Sadaam 
Hussein has no weapons of mass destruction that could significantly harm 
the U.S.  Back to my statement on, "we don't fight wars that could result 
in us getting hurt."  Compare, again, with North Korea.

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