[Vision2020] Free Speech and Crazy Bush

Melynda Huskey mghuskey@hotmail.com
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 10:52:26 -0800

Joe reminds us that there is classified information--perhaps related to 
missing chemical and biological agents--to which we ordinary citizens can't 
have access, which might affect the Bush administration's urgency to go to 

That argument is a substantial one, but it depends very heavily on the 
trustworthiness and acuity of the administration, doesn't it?  An 
untrustworthy person might make the "top secret" argument to conceal an 
*absence* of evidence, or might manipulate facts to produce false or 
misleading evidence.  And a not-terribly-bright or self-serving or 
determined person might see a smoking gun where another saw progress toward 
a reasonable goal.

I have not yet seen in President Bush's actions on any front--economic, 
educational, civil rights, the separation of church and state, HIV/AIDS, the 
so-called "war on terror"--reason to find him either intellectually gifted 
or over-burdened with integrity.  So naturally, I don't trust him when he 
asks me to believe that he's got a good reason to attack Iraq.

As a pacifist, of course, I never saw a war I thought was necessary, just, 
or right.  But this particular instance seems to me more atrociously wrong 
than most.

Stirring the pot,

Melynda Huskey

"The things that make us happy make us wise."  John Crowley

>From: "Joe Huffman" <JoeH@turbonet.com>
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>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] Free Speech and Crazy Bush
>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:26:46 -0800
>Yes, I know about satellite pictures.  And considering that I have had
>classified briefings on them I probably know as much or more than you do
>about them.  It doesn't matter.  If they know the picture was from a
>satellite they can take measures to prevent those pictures from being taken
>in the future.  That picture will reveal the time of day and it may reveal
>things like ability to see through clouds, but perhaps not smoke.  Or it 
>reveal they can easily defeat it through some other means.  Some 
>sources are irreplaceable and easily defeated if their existence is
>revealed. I don't know that this is the case in regards to Iraq, but I 
>it's plausible.  Hence, although I am suspicious of Bush's motives for war 
>am unable to convince myself that he is in the wrong.
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>Greetings Visionaires -
>Joe Huffman stated:
>"For example, what if the conference rooms of one or more of
>Saddam's palaces is "bugged".  If Bush were to play the recording, or even
>release a transcript, they would certainly know how it was obtained and
>destroy that source of extremely valuable intelligence.  Same thing with
>Mr. Huffman - Technology has advanced beyond the
>hidden-camera-in-a-briefcase stage.  I believe that the photos that have
>been eluded to are those photos taken by US satellites.  If Iraq possesses
>the capability to engage US satellites, they certainly would have done this
>by now.
>Tom Hansen
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