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Sharon Sullivan herbals@moscow.com
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:24:28 -0800

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I do appreciate the concerns of Garrett & Heather re possible conflict of 
interest & location of the proposed park in relation to highway.  Forgive 
my simplifying of the issue, but given the choice between a highway or a 
highway with a park near it, I'd want the park too.  What a great excuse to 
plant lots of trees and create a buffer strip along the highway.
	However, it should be mentioned that before the city over-extend itself 
with future park plans, it could look at embellishing existing parks.  The 
Frontier Park located right near the site of the newly purchased land that 
serves the neighborhood south of Ridge Rd. does not have any trees 
surrounding the play area and during the summer is so unbearably hot as to 
be unusable.  The picnic shelter is the only shade, so the playground 
equipment gets too hot for little hands.  Also, some sort of bathroom 
facility or at least a port-a-potty would be great.  Nothing like walking 
to the park and after 5 minutes a child needs to 'go'.  I've seen most male 
children 'water' the trees or bushes, but girls usually leave.  While 
they're plumbing for the restroom, how about a drinking fountain?
	Just a wish list, since we're talking about spending $$ on parks...

Sharon Sullivan

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