[Vision2020] FOC film: Julia "Butterfly" Hill

Bryan E. Burke wheelz@turbonet.com
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 02:54:16 -0800

Hi friends,

You're invited to a fundraiser for "Friends of the Clearwater" at the
Kenworthy in Moscow, Id.  We are showing a film on Julia "Butterfly" Hill.
"Friends of the Clearwater" is a local forest protection organization.

In solidarity,

Bryan E. Burke
Butterfly: A film on Julia "Butterfly" Hill by Doug Wolens

7:00 pm and 9:00 pm
Friday, January 31st
Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, 508 S. Main St., Moscow, ID.

(Advanced ticket sales at Moscow Food Coop, Book People, & Brused Books)

Can one person make a difference? Julia "Butterfly" Hill did.  The
environmental Heroine gained the attention of the world with her vigil 180
feet atop an ancient redwood named Luna.  She lived for two years on a 6'
by 8' platform communing with the forest and talking to media and empowering
activists through her cell phone to save old growth forest.  

"Butterfly" is a good primer on forest issues and direct-action
environmentalism, but with balance.  One reviewer commented that filmmaker
Doug Wolens' "does not really take one side or another." He gives footage
to the comments of the timber industry and local community, and the film takes
the viewer on a journey through the conflict, victories, and
disappointments of everyone.  Most of all, it is about the spiritual
journey of a determined, articulate woman nicknamed "Butterfly" who saved
an ancient tree she called Luna and surrounding forest.  An edited version
premiered on PBS.  The Kenworthy will have the director's cut.  

Looking for additional entertainment?  After the film, walk over to John's
Alley for music by "Left Hand Smoke," a regional favorite on Fri., Jan. 31.  
Check out their live music schedule for the next 30 days.
< http://members.fortunecity.com/johnsalley/music.htm > Thanks for the
underwriting Brian!  

The Moscow Food Coop is holding a Taste Fair on Sat., Feb 22 from 10-4 pm
to celebrate 30 years of being an integral part of the community. Meet
local producers, sample free food, and enjoy our warm atmosphere.  All are
welcome.  http://www.moscowfoodcoop.com   Thanks MFC for the help!  

The Wine Company of Moscow is celebrating its 25th anniversary with
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a few specialty items for the occasion.  Stop by and congratulate them.
113 E. 3rd St. Moscow.  Thanks Lynn, Dennis, and Terry!  
Tye-Dye Everything "The most colorful store in town."  527 S. Main St.,
Moscow, down the hall from Mikey's Gyros.  http://www.tyedye-everything.com
Thanks Arlene!  

Brused Books.  Used, buy, and trade.  Main St. Pullman.  Don't forget to
buy your advanced tickets at Brused Books.  Thanks Bruce for underwriting

Northwest River Supply, "The first on the water,"   HWY 95, Moscow.
http://www.nrsweb.com  Thanks John for the help!  

Book People of Moscow, order books from online at 
http://www.bookpeople.net/  Don't forget to buy your advanced tickets at
Book People.  Thanks Bob!  

The Red Door.  What else needs to be said?  The place is synonymous with
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Hyper Spud.  Equipment for the outdoor & mountain adventurer. Main St.,
Moscow.  Thanks John and Clover!  

***These are all local, small businesses.  When every possible, please shop
with them and thank them for supporting FOC.