[Vision2020] In the Iraq aftermath

Tom Hansen thansen@moscow.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 06:09:51 -0800

Greetings Visionaires -

I agree 100% with Mr. Moffett (especially concerning reasons 7 thru 9).

Remember back during the election year when Bush and Gore were debating what
they were going to do with the surplus?  We are back to being a deficit
country.  That, coupled with increasing unemployment, paints a pretty bleak
domestic picture.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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> All:
> Either Krehbiel is refreshingly honest in his approach to capitalism,
> rejecting the propaganda of sugar coating militaristic
> imperialism with some
> grand holy moral cause, or we have a sarcastic writer playing games.
> It is already decided we will topple Saddam, I agree.  And the history of
> British involvement in the oil resources of Iraq and Kuwait, coupled with
> the dominant role Britain plays as the number one US ally, almost
> guarantees
> Britain's assistance.  The extreme "right wingers" who dreamed of a new
> "Pearl Harbor" to justify an expansion of American military,
> political and
> economic power found their wishes fulfilled on 9/11.  Toppling
> Iraq is just
> one step in this process.
> The "Top 10" reasons we will topple Saddam are, in no particular
> order, and
> skipping the complex analysis to explain some of the reasons:
> 1. Protect Israel.
> 2. Block any future attempts to unify the middle east especially
> using oil
> resources as economic weapons against the west.
> 3. Gain immediate and future western control over Iraq oil.
> 4. Bolster the family pride of the Bush clan.
> 5. Feed the power and greed of the current cabal of hard line
> militarists in
> the Bush administration and Pentagon.
> 6. Give notice to other states who may challenge US economic and
> political
> hegemony that we will use military power unilaterally against them.
> The following 7, 8 and 9 numbered reasons are more related to
> keeping Bush
> in office for a second term, and other agendas of control over the US
> public.
> 7. Keep the American public focused on foreign "threats" rather than
> domestic economic and social problems.
> 8. Continue to generate a climate of fear to create a psychology of
> "sacrifice" so that Americans will willingly endure the just mentioned
> domestic problems.
> 9. Continuing the assault on civil liberties with a "1984" style endless
> "War On Terror" to consolidate legal and law enforcement control
> over future
> potential "unrest" in the USA.
> 10. And one of the main reasons to go after Iraq:  We can get
> away with it!
> Iraq is an easy military target.  Iraq is weak and cannot
> militarily damage
> anyone, unlike N. Korea who could unleash horrors on S. Korea.
> Iraq has no
> allies who will step in to defend them.
> Anyone with other reasons I overlooked?
> But what, you might say, about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq
> sponsored terrorism?  I think any realistic analysis of these threats
> exposes them as minor, blown way out of proportion to be used as moral
> justifications for what is nothing more than good old fashioned
> imperialism.
>   Numerous other states are more of a threat with weapons of mass
> destruction and sponsoring terrorism.
> Anyone with good advice on investment options?
> Ted
> >Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:21:17 -0800
> >
> >IMHO we (US and Britian) will attack Iraq, we will topple the current
> >regime, we will take control of the oil fields and reserves.  My
> question
> >is which US companies will make the $ billions on this scenerio?
>  I assume
> >big oil will have it's hands in the pot.  Anyone else?  I am looking for
> >good investments.
> >
> >
> >Doug Krehbiel
> >
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