[Vision2020] In the Iraq aftermath

Ted Moffett ted_moffett@hotmail.com
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 00:18:20 +0000


Either Krehbiel is refreshingly honest in his approach to capitalism, 
rejecting the propaganda of sugar coating militaristic imperialism with some 
grand holy moral cause, or we have a sarcastic writer playing games.

It is already decided we will topple Saddam, I agree.  And the history of 
British involvement in the oil resources of Iraq and Kuwait, coupled with 
the dominant role Britain plays as the number one US ally, almost guarantees 
Britain's assistance.  The extreme "right wingers" who dreamed of a new 
"Pearl Harbor" to justify an expansion of American military, political and 
economic power found their wishes fulfilled on 9/11.  Toppling Iraq is just 
one step in this process.

The "Top 10" reasons we will topple Saddam are, in no particular order, and 
skipping the complex analysis to explain some of the reasons:

1. Protect Israel.
2. Block any future attempts to unify the middle east especially using oil 
resources as economic weapons against the west.
3. Gain immediate and future western control over Iraq oil.
4. Bolster the family pride of the Bush clan.
5. Feed the power and greed of the current cabal of hard line militarists in 
the Bush administration and Pentagon.
6. Give notice to other states who may challenge US economic and political 
hegemony that we will use military power unilaterally against them.

The following 7, 8 and 9 numbered reasons are more related to keeping Bush 
in office for a second term, and other agendas of control over the US 

7. Keep the American public focused on foreign "threats" rather than 
domestic economic and social problems.
8. Continue to generate a climate of fear to create a psychology of 
"sacrifice" so that Americans will willingly endure the just mentioned 
domestic problems.
9. Continuing the assault on civil liberties with a "1984" style endless 
"War On Terror" to consolidate legal and law enforcement control over future 
potential "unrest" in the USA.

10. And one of the main reasons to go after Iraq:  We can get away with it!  
Iraq is an easy military target.  Iraq is weak and cannot militarily damage 
anyone, unlike N. Korea who could unleash horrors on S. Korea. Iraq has no 
allies who will step in to defend them.

Anyone with other reasons I overlooked?

But what, you might say, about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq 
sponsored terrorism?  I think any realistic analysis of these threats 
exposes them as minor, blown way out of proportion to be used as moral 
justifications for what is nothing more than good old fashioned imperialism. 
  Numerous other states are more of a threat with weapons of mass 
destruction and sponsoring terrorism.

Anyone with good advice on investment options?


>Sun, 19 Jan 2003 13:21:17 -0800
>IMHO we (US and Britian) will attack Iraq, we will topple the current 
>regime, we will take control of the oil fields and reserves.  My question 
>is which US companies will make the $ billions on this scenerio?  I assume 
>big oil will have it's hands in the pot.  Anyone else?  I am looking for 
>good investments.
>Doug Krehbiel

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