[Vision2020] Town Meeting on School District Review plus Discussion

macantr@uidaho.edu macantr@uidaho.edu
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 08:53:18 -0800


I have pasted below an editorial letter I recently
sent to the Daily News about communication within
the school district, and our next CQE meeting,
cosponsored by the Rotary Club.

This meeting will be a good opportunity for
increasing communication with the school district.

Mac Cantrell

A recent article in the Moscow Daily News of Dec.
30th about school district communications
highlighted the importance of a town meeting that
Citizens for Quality Education and the Rotary Club
are cosponsoring on January 23rd at 7PM in the 1912

The article covered most of the issue well but
contained some major inaccuracies in quotes
attributed to me.  I did not say that district
officials refused to listen to the community.  I did
say that a year ago I felt they were not listening
to the community enough.  I also did not say that
the facilities committee was being secretive, or
that I feel this is the first time district
officials have been ready to listen.  I do believe
the school district needed to improve substantially
last year at listening and responding to patrons.  I
believe they have come a long way these past few
months toward better communication, and I hope we
can all help improve this situation by attending the
meeting on January 23rd.

District superintendent, Candis Donicht, will
present the results of the "Management and
Operational Review" recently done by independent,
outside reviewers.  There will then be a discussion
centered around this review, and extending to any
other concerns and constructive suggestions
participants may have.  We feel that good public
participation at this meeting can be a major step
toward development of a long range plan by the
school district that involves substantial patron input.

We are inviting anyone in this town who is
interested in improving the school district to come,
including parents of charter school and private
school kids, parents who do home schooling, and
people with no kids in school.  We're a diverse
town, and we need to hear diverse views.

Mac Cantrell