[Vision2020] Donald Rumsfeld-speak

eevans@moscow.com eevans@moscow.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 20:42:05 GMT

Tom Hansen wrote:
> I feel that we are going to invade Iraq regardless of what is (or is not) 
> by the weapons inspection team.  Two scenarios:
> 1)  Weapons inspection team finds evidence of weapons of mass destruction -  
> George W gets support from the UN after presenting his case.
> 2)  Weapons inspection team finds no evidence of weapons of mass destruction -
> George W argues that Iraq had more than sufficient time to hide weapons of 
> destruction in subsurface locations and implies that he possesses classified 
> information supporting this argument.

And assuming our (and the UK's) intelligence folks do have solid proof on WOMD 
stuff, I expect that info to be passed on to Blix and crew, say, before Jan 27, 
to make scenerio #1 a sure thing. That would get some support, but it seems 
some seats in the UN are opposed to war absolutely, and many would still push 
for another resolution before going in.

On the bright (?) side (am speculating now), after the bombing and the marching 
and the regime-changing and the occupying are over, perhaps those poor folks 
can start buying stuff again.

> The bottom line:  George Sr. should have taken care of this problem 12 years 
> ago when the US had virtually global support.  You can argue oil all you 
> What value do you assign to the lives already lost and those lives we will 
> simply because George Sr whimped out and did not take appropriate action?

Certainly, it was just plain mean of us to drop our bombs, dust off our hands, 
and walk away without reestablishing an infrastructure as we have done in the 
past wars. Maybe this time round we'll be little kinder.


-Ed Evans

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