[Vision2020] Donald Rumsfeld-speak

Thomas Hansen tomh@FNA.fsn.uidaho.edu
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 10:25:35 -0800

One statement made by George Sr. clearly comes to mind.  He stated that he
would leave the Gulf War up to the generals.  He said that it was NOT going
to be a political war.  Even Schwartzkopf verbally bashed George Sr. after
he returned to the states.

I am not looking for excuses to bash George W..  He provides more than
enough material.  The economy comes to mind.

By the way, I am a liberal.

Tom Hansen

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<< George Sr. should have taken care of this problem 12 years 

ago when the US had virtually global support.  You can argue oil all you 

What value do you assign to the lives already lost and those lives we will 

simply because George Sr whimped out and did not take appropriate action? >>

Once again.  Had Geo. Sr. butchered his way up that highway into Baghdad 12 
years ago, the media and liberals would have had a screaming fit.  I find it

very disingenuous that this is now used as a reason to bash Geo. W.

Walter Steed

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